The experts in IP Header Compression

Effnet is active in research and development of technologies aimed at improving the efficiency of IP-based networks. We are the global leader with unique expertise in IP header compression.

Effnet supplies the Effnet Header Compression product family aimed at saving the bandwidth and increasing the efficiency and reliability of IP traffic. The enablers of VoIP, the products are essential for efficient use of radio spectrum and available bandwidth. Effnet Header Compression products enhance quality of service and quality of experience on LTE, WiMAX, UMTS, CDMA2000 as well as satellite, military and enterprise networks.

Effnet product family

Figure 1: The Effnet Header Compression product family

The Effnet team has a long experience in standardization and development of header compression technology and products. It is focused on delivering quality and value in all stages of client interaction. A large client base across many markets and applications is the testimony to our quality of products and services.

Effnet example compression

Figure 2: An example of header compression by Effnet ROHC™