Effnet 4G/5G eNB/gNB Protocol Stack

  • Compliant with 3GPP Rel 12 specification
  • Development path to support subsequent 3GPP releases including 5G specifications
  • Highly portable implementation
  • Quality focused development model with peer review
  • Fully unit tested code, functional tests and tests based on TS 36.523-1
  • Thread agnostic implementation (can support multi-threaded/multi-core design)
  • Efficient data transfer model
  • Modular design and implementation to support RAN logical architecture (TR 38.801)
The Effnet 4G/5G eNB/gNB protocol stack is used in cellular base-stations in various forms like small cells, macro base-stations and C-RAN.
Effnet 4G/5G eNB/gNB Protocol Stack applications

Effnet 4G/5G eNB/gNB Protocol Stack

Technical specification

Layer 3 (RRC) Layer 2 (PDCP, RLC and MAC)

Support for customization

Functional splits

Various options for functional split between central and distributed unit

Maintenance and Support

Effnet products are delivered with complete documentation including API, programmer’s guide and release notes.

Effnet products are offered with a full range of support services, including problem reporting, bug fixes, updates as well as training, consulting and integration services.